On Air Audio Learning

All on air audios are 90 minutes long.

1. Brand Me

We examine the importance of Personal Branding?
In this audio learning session we examine personal branding. What is a Personal Brand and Why is it so important. We will be investigating some well known brands and celebrities, and identifying what makes them Good, Great or Indifferent. This is followed closely by a mirror moment, what is your brand and how is it perceived by others. What is the impact of your brand?We will set some personal objectives for delegates to take away and work on.

2. Food for Champions

Are your Coaching and Development sessions truly motivational?
This session examines how in sports coaching feedback is the food of champions. We will explore the purpose and benefits of feedback. The different types of feedback and when we should give it. We will spend time thinking about what are the barriers that stop us from giving feedback. This follows on closely with the benefits of coaching. We will look at some coaching models and identify the appropriate model for your situation. We will identify the skills that you will need in order to deliver effective feedback and coaching sessions.

3. Grow Your Own Talent

Do you need to engage and nurture future leaders?
Within this session we will cover performance and development principles, why it is important and your role and responsibilities as a leader. We will explore the different types of performance. You will be shown some practical tools, to support you with performance management, the use of these will ensure you gain the confidence to manage  individual performance and go on to really develop your team.

4. Meaningful Challenges

Do you ever shy away from having a challenging conversation?
This session is aimed at giving you the confidence to tackle those difficult situations. We will decide what makes them challenging, and why we find them so? Emotion forms a major part of any difficult conversation, and we will gain a deeper understanding of some of the emotional responses that we may encounter. We will look at how our reaction and approach can trigger said responses.

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